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20.15 (135)

8.11 (59)



20.15 (135)


8.11 (59)


Umpire Area State
Aaron Langdon Field
Alex Donoghue Boundary QLD
Andrew Adair Field
Anthony Laughton Boundary QLD
Anthony Miles Goal NT
Ash Gardner Field
Beau Traill Boundary QLD
Belinda Stewart Goal QLD
Ben Duce Boundary NSW
Ben Fely Boundary ACT
Ben Russell Boundary NSW
Cameron Manthey Field
Charles Powell Boundary NSW
Chris Brackenrig Field
Chris Melin Field
Chris Moor Boundary QLD
Ciara Briody Goal ACT
Dale Puren Goal ACT
David Marchese Boundary NT
David Newell Field
David Wood Boundary NSW
Dean Garroway Field
Dean O'Donoghue Goal NT
Dean O'Donoghue Goal NSW
Delsen Jones Boundary QLD
Fahri Ozturk Boundary NSW
Garry Dunne Boundary QLD
Harrison Hansford Boundary NSW
Jake Webb Field
James Strybos Field
Jamieson Galbraith Field
Jaren Walsh Boundary NT
Jasper Hutt Boundary NT
Jayne McManus Goal QLD
Jessie Baird Goal QLD
Joe Engel Boundary QLD
Joe Spiteri Boundary QLD
John Trott Goal NT
Jonathon Angus Field
Joseph O'Brien Field
Josh Hardy Field
Kane Miller Goal QLD
Kim Schultz Goal ACT
Lachlan Borthwick Goal QLD
Lachlan Pietzsch Boundary NT
Liam Cashion Boundary ACT
Maddeline Lum Boundary QLD
Matthew Atkins Goal QLD
Matthew Baigent Field
Matthew Bridges Goal QLD
Matthew Oliver Boundary QLD
Matthew Thompson Boundary ACT
Merlene Hutt Boundary NT
Morgan Lee Goal NSW
Nic McGinness Field
Nicholas Ford Goal NSW
Nick Mabb Boundary QLD
Phil Wilson Goal QLD
Sam Button Boundary NSW
Sam Hurford Field
Sam Sommerville Field
Sam Ward Field
Sam Whetton Field
Sam Wright Boundary NT
Samuel Nippress Field
Taylor Mattioli Goal NSW
Tom Sullivan Goal QLD
Ty Duncan Boundary QLD
Vic Rawlings Field
Zac Mabb Goal QLD

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