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Angus Baker in action for Canberra. Photo: TJ Yelds/NEAFL.

Three new entrants to NEAFL MVP Top 10

NEAFL Rising Star nominee Angus Baker has stormed in to the NEAFL MVP top 10 after a maximum-vote performance on Saturday.

The 20-year-old defender climbed to fifth on the leaderboard after polling 10 votes for his 29 disposals and a goal in Canberra’s 24-point victory over Sydney University.

Joining Baker as a new entrant to the top 10 this week is star Redland forward Matt Hammelmann, who also polled 10 votes after his 22 disposals and nine goals in the Bombers win over NT Thunder, and Brisbane’s Jacob Allison (nine votes), who led the Lions to victory over Sydney with 29 disposals and three goals.

Meanwhile, GIANTS duo Jackson Hately and Daniel Lloyd both polled nine votes in their side’s win over Gold Coast on Saturday, whilst Southport midfielder Andrew Boston (eight votes) and forward Trent Stubbs (seven) were awarded the top votes in the Sharks’ win against Aspley.

There was little movement at the top of the leaderboard, with dual leaders in Sydney’s James Rowbottom (did not poll) and Southport’s Matt Shaw (did not play) still maintaining their lead.

The NEAFL Most Valuable Player Award is presented to the player uniquely judged the best in the competition by a combination of umpire and coaches votes.

The votes are submitted post-game cast on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis. As such, the maximum amount of votes a single player can earn per match is 10 – courtesy of the maximum five votes from both umpires and coaches.

The progress of the MVP voting is published on the NEAFL website for the first 12 rounds of the season, but withheld from that point on until the winner is revealed at the end of season awards night.


GIANTS v Gold Coast

9: Jackson Hately (GIANTS)
9: Daniel Lloyd (GIANTS)
4: Will Brodie (Gold Coast)
4: Matthew Flynn (GIANTS)
3: Tom Green (GIANTS)
1: Sam Day (Gold Coast)

Brisbane v Sydney
9: Jacob Allison (Brisbane)
6: Tom Cutler (Brisbane)
4: Tom Joyce (Brisbane)
4: James Rose (Sydney)
3: Matt Eagles (Brisbane)
2: Josh Walker (Brisbane)
2: Corey Lyons (Brisbane)

Canberra v Sydney University
10: Angus Baker (Canberra)
5: Mitch Maguire (Canberra)
4: Alex Smout (Canberra)
4: Jake Bartholomaeus (Sydney Uni)
3: Jake Veale (Sydney Uni)
2: Sam Barkley (Sydney Uni)
1: Alex Paech (Canberra)
1: Harry Carr (Canberra)

Southport v Aspley
8: Andrew Boston (Southport)
7: Trent Stubbs (Southport)
6: Jasper Craven (Aspley)
4: Matthew Payne (Aspley)
3: Mackenzie Willis (Southport)
1: Gavin Grose (Aspley)
1: Will Gowers (Aspley)

NT Thunder v Redland
10: Matthew Hammelmann (Redland)
4: Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds (Redland)
4: Cohen Thiele (NT Thunder)
3: Craig Malone (Redland)
3: Clay Cameron (Redland)
2: Adam Tipungwuti (NT Thunder)
2: Jack Hannath (NT Thunder)
1: Daniel Weetra (NT Thunder)
1: Sam Cunnington (Redland)

36: James Rowbottom (Sydney)
36: Matt Shaw (Southport)
33: Tyler Roos (Southport)
29: Craig Malone (Redland)
28: Alex Smout (Canberra)
27: Angus Baker (Canberra)
25: Mitch Maguire (Canberra)
24: Matt Hammelmann (Redland)
24: Colin O’Riordan (Sydney)
23: Jacob Allison (Brisbane)

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